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ROLLY DANCE OPEN is an open dance festival, where dancers from different clubs and schools can participate, regardless of their affiliation with national or international dance associations. Everybody is welcome at ROLLY DANCE OPEN.

DATE: May 25. and 26. 2024

PLACE: Hall of Tabor, Maribor, Slovenia

Organizers: Dance school Rolly, ŠD Rolly

Registration deadline: May 5th 2024

Registration and information: Festis

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Among the judges at RDO 2024 is Niki Jacqueline Vrabič

Niki Jacqueline Vrabič is in love with Pohorje and is also a dancer, judge and choreographer who has been creating in the field of dance for more than 15 years ... She is in love with Hip-hop, and her dance team is mega successful on many international dance floors.

Gordana Oreščanin is among the judges at RDO 2024

Among the judges at Rolly dance open 2024 will be one of the biggest dance stars in the Balkans, the lovely Gordana Oreščanin, who has repeatedly proven her keen eye for finding young talents. We are sure that it will be like this this time too ...

The judge at 2024 will also be the exceptional Michal Rynia

Michal Rynia started his career as a hip-hop dancer, but now he has settled on the outskirts of the Slovenian cultural space in Nova Gorica. There, he and his wife expand their Slovenian dance horizons.

Who is Matevž Česen?

Matevž Česen is a professional dancer, choreographer, dance coach, dance judge and founder of the MTP movement, and at the same time he confirmed that he will be a judge at Rolly dance 2024. More about him....

Winners at the Rolly Dance Open 2023

The results of the competition can be found HERE. Congratulations!

Official start list for Rolly Dance Open 2023

We are announcing the performance schedule for Saturday, May 27th, and Sunday, May 28th, for Rolly Dance Open 2023.
You can find the schedule HERE

Make a reservation for May 27 and 28, 2023

Rolly dance open will take place in Tabor Hall in Maribor. You are invited to attend...

Schedule at theRolly dance open 2023

  • categories BABY, MINI & CHILDREN
  • all URBAN and BREAK categories
  • MINI GALA (best mini and children choreographies)
  • other categories (JUNIOR, ADULT and SENIOR)
Registration for the competition are accepted until May 12, 2023 at More information are available here:

ROLLY DANCE OPEN is an open dance festival where dancers from international clubs and schools can participate, regardless of their affiliation with national or international dance associations. Competition takes place in numerous categories and cash awards.

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About festival

Dance styles

  • URBAN (Urban encompasses choreographies of different street dance styles, such as hip hop, break dance, electric boogie etc. It could be only technical choreograph or it could be integrated into a story. Stage props are permitted).
  • DISCO DANCE (Disco dance contains disco genres such as dance floor and freestyle. Modern elements from hip-hop and break dance etc. are allowed, but typical disco elements should dominate. Acrobatic moves are allowed but should not dominate the performance).
  • ACROBATIC DANCE (Acrobatic dance is a dance style that combines classical dance technique with precise performance of acrobatic elements. Its choreography should seamlessly blend dance and acrobatics. Acrobatics must be a part of the dance and not a gymnastic floor exercise).
  • BREAK DANCE BATTLE (Break dance constitutes of: footwork (Six-step, Knee-step…), Up rock (Battle-rock, Indian-step…), freezes (Clash, Baby-freeze…), power moves (Headspin, Windmills…). Acrobatic moves (Flips/Screws, Butterflies) are allowed, but should not dominate the performance).
  • HIP HOP BATTLE (Different styles of hip hop, such as old-school (popping, locking, jazz-rock, hype…), new school (new style, krumpin, dance hall…), housedance (footwork, jacking, lofting), wacking, voguing, fall under hip hop discipline. Movements and elements, typical of electric boogie and break dance, are allowed, but should not dominate the performance).
  • SHOW DANCE (Show dance is based on jazz technique, classical ballet technique and moderncontemporary dance technique. Technique of other dance disciplines can be incorporated, but should not dominate the performance. Story, presented by dancers, is the essential component of individual performances).
  • JAZZ (Jazz is an extremely diverse art form. The entire routine must consist of jazz work, i.e. jazz technique turns, jumps isolations, stretch etc. Acrobatic elements are not permitted. Choreography must consist of basic jazz elements).
  • MODERN (Modern dance is based on a relaxed, free movement-dancing, choreographers use feelings and moods to design their own dance steps. The entire dance routine must consist of modern dance techniques and current trends).
  • BALET (Dancers in this discipline must present Classical Ballet Technique and style and must perform it in soft ballet slippers or Pointe shoes. Lyrical, modern and modern jazz techniques and pieces are not permitted in this discipline).
  • TEP (The primary emphasis is on the harmonious bled of the music and dancer’s footwork technique; the dancer uses taps on his/her shoes to make sounds. The music must not contain pre-recorded taps. The dancer’s taps and music must be clearly audible to the dancer him/herself, to the audience and to adjudicators/judges).
  • ORIENTAL (This style of dance is based on classical RagsSharqi style and can contain elements of other oriental folk dances and styles).
  • FOLK AND ETHNIC DANCE (This style of dance must express regional tradition, passed down from generation to generation. Costumes and music must reflect folkloric tradition).
  • MAJORETTE & TWIRLNIG DANCE (The main prop or accessory in majorette dance is the baton. There are also additional accessories, such as flags, ribbons, pom-poms, umbrellas, hats … Besides marching the dance incorporates also basics of ballet technique, gymnastics and dance to different music while performing demanding elements with baton and other accessories).
  • POM PON (Incorporated intensive physical activity both to motivate sport teams and audiences and for fun. Choreography can encompass many elements, such as tumbling, jumping, cheering in order to motivate spectators to cheer for a sports team).
  • PRODUKCIJE (A production is defined as an elaborate theatrical presentation. It must contain a clear theme and story with a beginning, middle and end. Its primary purpose is audience entertainment. All dance styles are allowed. There are no age restrictions in productions and dancers from different age divisions can compete).
  • OPEN




Registration deadline: May 2024

Registration: FESTIS


Registration to our festival is possible through FestIS system. When creating your FestIS account, you must first provide information about your club or dance school. Your club or dance school pays the entry fees, so be careful to enter the correct billing information. In the next step you have to add information about your dancers - their name, surname, gander and birth dates. Only when you have added all your dancers, you can choose our festival and continue with registration. The last step of registration is to create your routines. You need to provide information about the performance title, category, dance style, age division, choreographer's and dancers' names, track duration, and then upload your music. The system allows you to save unfinished routines, even without uploaded music, so you can easily edit your routines later.

The last day to create routines is the festival's deadline, which is on May 2024. When you finish creating all routines and upload all your music, send your registration by clicking on - FINISH REGISTRATION - ENROLL!

After the registration is completed, you can download your pro forma invoice for entry fee payment. If you have any trouble with submitting your registration, please contact FestIS administrator via email - or phone +386 70 708 808!


Rolly dance open 2023 - second day

Rolly dance open 2023 - first day
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Hall of Tabor, Maribor, Slovenia


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Hall of Tabor, Maribor


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